Just saw #HealPhilippines trending on Twitter this aftie. Its a surprised that another Filipino make this #hashtag number 1. @ajrafael is the person behind this.

So far he raised at about $1K. Please donate and let's #HealPhilippines.

Samoa Earthquake Triggers Tsunami,Kills At Least 14 (VIDEO)

UPDATE: "PAGO PAGO, American Samoa - Officials in American Samoa say at least 14 people were killed when a tsunami swept ashore in the South Pacific country after a powerful earthquake hit nearby.

Mase Akapo, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, says the deaths occurred in four different villages on the main island of Tutuila, with six in the western area of Leone.

An unspecified number of people also were killed in neighboring Samoa.

The earthquake had a magnitude of up to 8.3 as it struck between Samoa and American Samoa around dawn Tuesday, sending terrified residents fleeing for higher ground.

FROM EARLIER: PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (AP) - A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of up to 8.3 struck in the South Pacific between Samoa and American Samoa around dawn Tuesday, sending terrified residents fleeing for higher ground as a tsunami swept ashore, flattening at least one village. There were no immediate reports of fatalities.

The quake hit at 6:48 a.m. Tuesday (1748 GMT) midway between the two island groups. In Apia, families reported shaking that lasted for up to three minutes. The U.S. Geological Service, which estimated the magnitude at 8.0, said the quake struck 20 miles (35 kilometers) below the ocean floor, 120 miles (190 kilometers) from American Samoa and 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Samoa, with a 5.6-magnitude aftershock 20 minutes later.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center put the quake's magnitude at 8.3 and issued a general alert for the South Pacific region, from American Samoa to New Zealand. It said there were indications a tsunami wave could be "destructive" along some coastlines. Several hours away from the epicenter, Hawaii was put under a tsunami watch, with five emergency centers opened as a precaution.

New Zealander Graeme Ansell said the beach village of Sau Sau Beach Fale was leveled.
Story continues below

"It was very quick. The whole village has been wiped out," Ansell told National Radio from a hill near Samoa's capital, Apia. "There's not a building standing. We've all clambered up hills, and one of our party has a broken leg. There will be people in a great lot of need 'round here."

A five-foot tsunami wave swept into Pago Pago, capital of American Samoa, shortly after the earthquake, sending sea water surging inland about 100 yards (meters) before receding, leaving some cars and debris stuck in mud. Electricity outages were reported, and telephone lines were jammed.

The staff of the port ran to higher ground, and police soon came by, telling residents to get inland. Several students were seen ransacking a gas station/convenience store.

In Fagatogo, water reached the waterfront town's meeting field and covered portions of the main highway, which also was plagued by rock slides.

In Samoa, the powerful quake jolted people awake.

"It was pretty strong; it was long and lasted at least two minutes," one resident told local radio.

"It's the strongest I have felt, and we ran outside. You could see all the trees and houses were shaking," he said.

Sulili Dusi told New Zealand's National Radio that "everything dropped on the floor and we thought the house was going to go down as well. Thank God, it didn't." Along with neighbors, they fled to high ground.

She said the tsunami hit the south side of the island, and some "cars have been taken." She did not elaborate, but added "we just thank God no life has been taken yet."

Another resident, Dean Phillips, said the southern coast of Upolu island had been struck by the tsunami.

"The police are sending everybody up to high ground," he said.

Local media said they had reports of some landslides in the Solosolo region of the main Samoan island of Upolu and damage to plantations in the countryside outside Apia.

There were no immediate reports of injury or serious damage from local emergency services, but people reported cracks in some homes and items tossed from shelves.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu issued a tsunami warning for numerous islands in the Pacific, including the Samoas, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, French Polynesia and Palmyra Island.

The center posted a tsunami watch for Hawaii, Vanuatu, the Marshall Islands, Solomon Island, Johnston Island, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Wake Island, Midway Island and Pitcairn.

In New Zealand, a tsunami alert was issued by national Civil Defense, and the nation's national emergency center was activated."

Associated Press writer Keni Lesi contributed to this report from Apia, Samoa.

Another Crush...

Yeah its normal to have a crush at a point, right? For the Nth time I feel this massive feeling again. :) I don't pretend to my self that I have admiration to a guy whose my friend on Facebook. Before I stalked him even on Twitter but I stopped it already. I know to my self that one day he will noticed me too. Haha! Shame on me!

+ =

fucking images

Crush is a short term feeling of love, an admiration only. It'll fade any time of a day. :D

Since I am a risk taker "Okay I'm going to tell him later what I feel for." Nothing will lost and I don't care what might happen next. At least I'm very vocal to my self though.

MOST IMPORTANT C-R-U-S-H ko sya. Period.

Good times! :)

The Help.

While posting updated areas that need urgent rescue on Facebook last Monday midnight after "Ondoy" wrath the whole Metro and nearby provinces, some OFWs sent me an message to help their love ones so I'll do my job. Anyway here's one of the messages that I've got.

A lot of messages came in and I don't know what to do. Thank God that I get my self calm for a minute and continued what I started. Luckily, my mobile phone signal was stable to send SMS to authorities. I made some phone calls too although its so hard to reach them because of the traffic phone jam.

I end up my day with a SMILE :D. What I mean you know in that little way I've helped those people and its my first time to do so. What a great experience indeed. Pinoy Bayanihan.

More "Ondoy" related news. (09-29)

Update: List of verified relief centers for 'Ondoy' victims.

New map of most urgent cases needing rescue.

Visit GMA News for more news.


As of 11:00 PM

GSIS offers P20k loan to members affected by ‘Ondoy’.

Cement, steel price caps proposed after 'Ondoy'.

US gives additional $50,000 aid for ‘Ondoy’ victims.

‘Ondoy’ survivors recall ordeal with tears and hope.

Floods destroy crops worth P820 million.

‘Ondoy’ victims get help from presidential aspirants.

‘Ondoy’ prompts travel advisory from Canada.

Music Monday. :)

Plant The Seed - Kristy Lee Cook

Don't have a retirement plan

Just a hundred acre piece of black dirt land

And a red tractor sittin' in the shed

Startin' tomorrow they're callin' for rain

So you're turnin' over that field today

There's a wide world out there

Waitin' to be fed

May the sun always

Shine down upon you

Let the rain fall

'Til you have all you need

It's God's job

To turn everything

Into what he wants it to be

But God bless the ones

Who Plant The Seed

You don't mind livin' on a budget

You wouldn't teach school

If you didn't love it

You're there before seven

And stay long after five

In your class

The kids learn more then English

You work with them 'til they believe that

They can do anything

They want to with their lives

May the sun always

Shine down upon you

Let the rain fall

'Til you have all you need

It's God's job

To turn everything

Into what he wants it to be

But God bless the ones

Who plant the seed

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Here's to everyone

Who unselfishly runs

Their race so we can dream

May the sun always

Shine down upon you

Let the rain fall

'Til you have all you need

It's God's job

To turn everything

Into what he wants it to be

But God bless the ones

Who plant the seed

I dedicated this song to all the Filipinos. God gave us this event and God knows also that we can surpassed this. God loves every Filipino. Maybe he has a reason why this happened. Lets all be braved: face the other day with hope and courage.

Keep You - Sugarland

What if I said yes?
What if I'd gone out that night?
What if you turned left, and everything would of turned out alright.
What if I spoke up?
What if I took the keys?
What if I would of tried a little harder, instead of always trying to please.


Joey, I'm so sorry.
Oh can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry.

What if I said no?
What if we never fell in love?
What if we'd gone slow, or a little faster and broken up.
Would I know this hurt?
Would I feel this pain?
Do you know with all I have left in my very last breath will call your name?


Joey, I'm so sorry.
Oh can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry.

Were you sad, were you scared, did you whisper a prayer to be free?
Was it quiet and cold was it light or too dark to see?
And did you reach for me?

Joey, I'm so sorry.
Oh can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry.
Oh can you hear me?
Joey, I'm sooooooooo- Joey, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry.

More "Ondoy" related news.

News from GMANews.TV

As of 6:00 AM - 12:00 NN

Pagasa: 2 more tropical depressions may hit RP this week.

No 'Marikina Dam' exists, says Napocor.

Globe not definite on return of cell signal in areas hit hard by Ondoy.

LRT, MRT operating hours, rates back to normal.

Death toll from storm 'Ondoy' continues to rise - NDCC.

Report: Bicol bus firms cancel trips.

Keep praying Filipinos. Another storm may hit our beloved land this week. I hope it will change it course soon.


As of 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM

'Ondoy' death toll may have exceeded 200, still climbing.

Military shifts from rescue efforts to disaster relief ops.

Parts of Metro Manila to remain waterless for more than a week.

Police downplay oil spill in Marikina.

Classes in UST to resume Thursday, October 1.

Classes at all levels suspended in Bulacan on Tuesday.

Classes at all levels suspended in Marikina until Friday.

Death toll in Laguna province climbs to 8.

RP appeals for foreign aid for ‘Ondoy’ victims.

AFP shifts from rescue efforts to disaster relief ops.

Senate donates P1.5M to victims of ‘Ondoy’.

LGUs admit being caught off-guard by 'Ondoy'.

Jacque Bermejo: Innocent or Not?

Someone RT this blog link to me via Twitter. Personally, I don't know what's the truth now? Anyway here's the original blog post from The Gossiper.

UPDATE: The Brother's Official Statement
ok! it all started sa Friendster last year 2008, my sister told me that her account was hacked by someone mad at her prolly inggit or may galit... she really doesn't know or what's the reason why she has been hacked, of corse she's pissed off because this person keeps messing up her friendster profile. So, hinayaan lang ng sister ko yun, since wala nmn xang alam sa social networking or kung ano man, she's a working woman na at wala xang panahon magfriendster.

Ngayon naman this issue has been spreading about her posting such harsh words:
"buti n lg am hir in dubai maybe so many sinners bak der!so year deerving wat happend!"

Ang ate ko hindi ganyan kung magenglish, edukada sister ko at nag graduate sa UP. We came from a PROVINCE and part of a political family. Hindi basta basta si ate jack magpopost na magsisira sa family name namin. Dumaan din kami sa hirap, at for your information binagyo din ang lugar namin, TATLONG BESES. Why in the world will my ate as a filipino disgrace our family and citizen, sana po wag muna kayo manghusga.

Hintayin lang po sana ung explaination, for she doesn't have internet nor load right now, its around 3am-4am at dubai, and I have hard times contacting her myself.

Kung sino ka man gumagamit ng pangalan ng ate ko, mahahannap ka din ng mga bermejo.


People, Jacque's representatives will be going to the NBI at ten this morning. Her brother will be issuing a statement in a few hours.


Commenters who are siding with Jacque please comment again. Thank you


I received an email a couple of minutes ago, pleading for me to stop this. Please, Jacque--or whoever you are--click the contact tab above and send me an email...tell me, tell them, that the person who left the comment was an evil bitch troll out for revenge.

For some screenshot, do visit The Gossiper blog.


Whether its true or not, only I can say to Jacque Bermejo: Please update us so that all the truth will be revealed soon.

From Denver, CO to Moab, UT.

Wow! This Youtube video caught my attention! Actually you can get some info what Moab in Utah looks like. :) I'm dreaming someday that I can go to that state - Land of Uranium, the Mormons and of course the Beehive! Hurray!

Here's a documentary video from Lonely Planet Channel.

Description: Desert Dreaming: Road trip with Lonely Planet travel writer Greg Benchwick to a seldom-visited slot canyon outside Moab, Utah, in the harsh and inhospitable Castle Valley. Along the way, you'll see just how beautiful the desert of the American West can be, learn about desert ecology, tromp through pristine Onion Creek, and see how Zeytin, the three-legged Turkish wonder dog manages to wiggle his way up boulders that would challenge even those furry friends blessed with four paws. Greg and his girlfriend, Alejandra, camp out for the night, beat it out into the desert up a rugged slot canyon, jump rivers, get swamped down in quick sand and revisit an area that has changed markedly in recent years. But as always, the lyrical myth and mystery of the desert abides.

Video Credit to Lonely Planet.

Another TYPHOON in 3 DAYS! (from Julius & Christine Babao) please reblog & please be informed.

The RAINFALL we experienced in 6 hrs was equivalent to 30 days of rainfall. This broke the record rainfall dated 1967 .

Thousands of people homeless. Helpless, Desperate, Angry, In denial. Shocked.

People could not be saved all at the same time for lack of govt resources , manpower and sheer danger in the rescue efforts. Hence, the delay in the rescue.

This is nature’s wrath and man’s folly put together.

Now dat Peping is 3 days away & we dont know and cant tell for sure just how strong it will be this time, if u live in low lying areas or know pipol who do, some tips for disaster & calamity preparedness for the whole family :

1) LGUs & homeowners associations must quickly invest in rubber/motor boats- for quick response & immediate evacuation of residents in subdivisions. Unless we can all afford AGAIN to wait for help.

2) If possible, have presence of mind: DO NOT panic. EACH able membr of d family mst have his/her own bag with the essentials: H20. food. Clothes.blanket, raincoat, medicines, first –aid kit, flashlight, a whistle, milk, diaper etc. according to one’s most urgent needs. The backpack must contain emergency goods, good for at least 48hrs. MAKE SURE BAGS ARE WATERPROOF or - items wrapped in thick plastic bags for added protection.

3) Bring fully charged phones and extra batteries if possible- you need these when you have to climb on top of your roof again.

4) Bring a small radio with extra batteries to be informed. Bring a list of all important telephone numbers to call in times of emergency or store these numbers in ur celphone.

5) Wag magpakasiguro – use your instinct – lumikas na agad kaysa maiipit at matrap ulit.

Because – ONDOY will happen again … and u will never know when help & rescue will come. Self preservation is a must !

Pls feel free to add to this list of must haves and must -dos for typhoon preparedness.

Pls spread the word.

May God help and protect us all and our loved ones from the next typhoon.

Reblog from Pinoy Tmblr.


God Bless the Philippines but not Jacque.

Done posting some updated locations who needs urgent help. I damn admit, copy-paste task is a lazy thing but hey my countrymen needs help specially this time that many of them still stranded at their homes and no food to take.

Only one thing made my night ruined. There's a Filipina who makes her storm earlier over the net as she posted an update through her Facebook account saying:


Jacqueline Bermejo - Marketing and PR Officer

Jacqueline is an experienced PR associate who has been active in the Middle East for over four years. Currently working with a number of luxury property developers. she has extensive knowledge of the market, media and what makes an excellent success story....

There are rumors that account were hacked but I don't believe at all. Some said after she got Filipino attention here and in overseas, she made some apologize. Watta effing alibi though. SHAME ON HER! FUCK HER CAMELS!

Here's another photo circulating already according to them that Presidential son and Pampanga Representative Mikey Arroyo was spotted buying a liquor while the whole Metro and Rizal province still flooded and in need.

Wrath of Typhoon ONDOY

May God bless this child soul

Holy fuck.

I know this event were only a test to all of us Filipinos. Have faith in God and we know he's always there to guide and help us.

Tropical Storm "Ondoy" Part 2.

Its 7:48 here already. Some places have their own electricity and water supply now. Philippines united again. Based on news there are 106 person dead already because of the typhoon. Many NGO and LGU units even the American and Philippine National Red Cross were helping our fellow kababayans. Hope everything's gonna be alright soon. Keep praying, Filipinos.

New Blog. New Life?!

Here I am again done making my Nth blog. :) Hopefully I can maintain it for the long time, I mean I can updated it mostly though. Well "New Blog. New Life?!" I think so. It's been a long time since I post some stuff into a blog and I miss blogging freaking much!

Btw you can follow my other updates through another way and means.

just click the following icon

410806522.png 1728669589.png 32025713.png

Have a great day ahead! Good times!

16 Hours Of Rest; Tropical Storm "Ondoy".

I slept for 16 hours and personally I don't know what happened for the whole day. I've woke up with electricity's dead.

Epic flood in the Metro and nearby provinces including my beloved Rizal hit last night. I read articles and watched some clips over the net what tropical storm "Ondoy" done. I'm praying until now that hopefully my fellow countrymen were okay specially who resided at Cainta and Marikina.

Thanks also to US embassy who donates $50K for immediate 'Ondoy' relief.

Photo credits to GMA News.