Trick or Treat?!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Although typhoon "Santi" wrecks our holiday weekend. Anyway keep enjoying this trick or treat day.

Good times! :)

Send your name to Mars! :D

Want to send your name to Mars and be part of the history? Go on and send your name here. Mars Science Laboratory rover will heading to Mars in 2011! Here we come Mars! :)

Bonus: After you send your name, you'll have a online certificate of participation that you can print and whatsoever. :D

Good times! :)

Cousin's mini-birthday celebration.

Yay! Had fun last night with my cousins and some friends. As usual, we got to drink and have laugh trip all the time. :D After we drunk our group decided to make some strolling around the city and guess what?! We've reach Boso-Boso! ROTFL! From downtown Antipolo when the group started the trip, going to Sumulong Highway - Masinag - Cogeo Gate 2 - Padilla - Boso-Boso.

While we're driving along Sumulong Highway, of course we don't miss to take a look at Metro Manila's Skyline at night. It fades out our "alcohol influence". Anyway Happy 18th birthday to my beloved cousin Det-Det! She have a part 2 of her 18th birthday celebration tomorrow night. Drink and laugh FTW again!

Metro Manila's Skyline at night.
Awesome, isn't it?


#musicmonday - Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood
I really love this song!!! <3

Little boy, 6 years old
A little too used to bein' alone
Another new mom and dad,another school
Another house that'll never be home
When people ask him how he likes this place
He looks up and says with a smile upon his face

"This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know this is my
Temporary Home."

Young mom on her own
She needs a little help got nowhere to go
She's lookin' for a job, lookin' for a way out
Because a half-way house will never be a home
At night she whispers to her baby girl
Someday we'll find a place here in this world

"This is our temporary home
It's not where we belong
Windows and rooms that we're passin' through
This is just a stop, on the way to where we're going
I'm not afraid because I know this is our
Temporary Home."

Old man, hospital bed
The room is filled with people he loves
And he whispers don't cry for me
I'll see you all someday
He looks up and says "I can see God's face"

"This is my temporary Home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through
This was just a stop,on the way To where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know this was
My temporary home."

This is our temporary home

Good times! :)

New Facebook "Live Feed" sucks!

Epic Fail.

Facebook makes there users annoyed and confusing now with their "Live Feed" feature. At first I thought its a bug since "Live Feed" is only available at Facebook Lite. So yeah all of their users including me wants to boost out their freaking emotion to our beloved social-networking site in returning to its old format.

Btw you can join "WE HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK UPDATE!!!!! FIX IT." group on Facebook here. :)

Good times! :)

You want this?! :D

Awww! This make me crave for food. Yay! What does this keyboard's owner doing when he's front of this sweet and yummy thingy? He's mouth watering or craving for some food like me now? Haha! I wish I can have that soon lol. Another thing that makes my whole day complete! :D

Good times! :)

Free Flight For Life!

Saw a news on Yahoo! Home page and it makes me WOW! :O As in "Free flights for life?. To answer my big question inside my head I've immediately click the link and yeah... :)


"Lifetime free flights for baby born on plane"

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – A baby boy who made a surprise arrival on board an AirAsia flight this week will be given free flights for life with the budget carrier, as will his mother, the airline said Friday.

AirAsia said 31-year-old passenger Liew Siaw Hsia went into labour on Wednesday's flight from the northern island of Penang to Kuching on Borneo island.
The aircraft made an emergency diversion to the Malaysian capital but the baby arrived just before landing, delivered by a doctor who was on board and who was assisted by the airline's flight attendants.

"The baby was safely delivered when flight AK 6506 was approaching Kuala Lumpur for landing at 2,000 feet," the airline said in a statement, adding that mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital following touchdown.

"To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to present both mother and child with free flights for life," said AirAsia's director of operations Moses Devanayagam after visiting them in hospital.


Isn't that great? Having free flights for your whole life? Hah! XD Thank God that both of them are safe now though. Kudos to AirAsia!

Good times! :)

To Forgive.

"Forgiveness is the best revenge ever."

That status is came from one of my friends on Facebook who got my attention. (out of topic) Btw I don't know how to say this; I have a virtual friend from Talisay City, Cebu who've I got misunderstanding last night. Personally I don't like what he'd said though according to him its only a joke, a flop one. It got on my nerves after I read what he said to me. So okay I've forgive him already though I'll change the way I used to communicate with him just to avoid what like happened last night.

About this day, uhm nothing happened lol. Haha! I slept all the day and woke up this 8:00 PM. I want to do a lot of things now. Like what I've said I'm not contended in one box. :)) I want to watch movie, to lurk around in the Metro, go to province just to breath fresh air, want to ride horse or even at the carabao's back. (That's nice, right?) and aaaaaaaa lot mooore!

*Sorry for my short blog posts this recent days. I'm not in mood during that day though. Hugs!

Good times! :)

Happy 9th Single Monthsary!

Its my 9th month of being single and still counting. :D

I admit I'm not artistic. Haha!

Well going to start my day in a bad mood for the second time. Like what I've said on my last post, I'm going to continue my story here anyway. Another guy think that I AM EASY TO GET TOO. WTF they don't even know the real "HAO" that existed here on Earth for atleast 18 years now! He said that I'm going to give the whole me after I got what I want on a man. Gah. I'm not CHEAP and DESPERATE to do that freaking stuff. So to his point: I look like a lil' trush to his eyes. They judge me easily with no preferences. Aw it gets me hurt on my part but IDC. I knew the whole me and every aspect of it! Btw I don't even know them too so go to hell guys. JK. Haha!

I don't want into relationship also. Sorry. That's final.

About to my online stalking activity, uhm I stopped it already, IDKW. Maybe in coming days I'll stalk them again. I need to focus for this coming months until January 2010 because having some plans to line up here and hoping that I can fulfill it.


Good times! :)

Bad Trip day. T_T

Ugh. I'm not in mood now. Thank God I can type what I want to tell here lol. Anyway watta bad day embraced me this morning. As usual my momma started it. :) When I get online - a bad thing again. Ugh. Why there are types of people who always think that they're all right and can get what they want easily. Yeah I know that's okay but what the hell, "I'M MOT EASY TO GET AS THEY THINK! NAH."

Am going to continue this as I celebrate my 9th monthsary of being SINGLE. :))

Good times! :)


I've stalked yesterday, been stalking today and going to stalk for tomorrow. :) Yeah, that's my number 1 activity - STALKING ALL DAY. So far I'm stalking 5 guys for the whole week. (only 5 guys, okay?) Just set my mind here that I want into relationship now especially this coming December. I want to celebrate my Yuletide season with my man. :)) Hell yeah, my "man" is coming anytime. *wink*

Good times! :)

David Archuleta's "Christmas From The Hearts" album out today! - #ArchuletaXmasCD!!!

Album snippets here.


#ArchuletaXmasCD starting to trend at about 11:27 PM...

as of 11:40 PM

as of 12:28 AM

UPDATE: as of 12:32 AM



I'm happy that Archies united again. Whoo. DAVID ARCHULETA is the BEST!!!

Well Team Archie (@TeamArchie) is gifting David's Xmas album for those who can't have it in any means (i.e. financial problem). You can send your request here.


Just tweet some stuff earlier and yeah I got some good RT's from my fellow Archies. Yay!

from @archuletaphils

from @archuletaphils

from @gengenw

from @ArchuletaXmasCD

Do follow Archuleta Philippines (@archuletaphilippines) and Team Archie (@TeamArchie) on Twitter for David's fresh news. :D

Lady Gaga speaks at Gay Rights Rally in Washington, D.C.

"The younger generation, my generation, we are the ones coming up in the world. We must continue to push this movement forward and close the gap. We must demand full equality for all.(. . .) We need change now. (. . . ) As a woman in pop music, as a woman with the most beautiful gay fans in the whole world, [I will do] my part I refuse to accept any misogynist or homophobic behavior in music, lyrics or actions in the music industry. I will continue to fight for full equality for all," Lady Gaga said today at the National Equality March in Washington DC.

That's why I love Lady Gaga!

Ouch! :|

never be too attached on someone

who is not interested on you

cause it's like your trying very hard

to get a perfect score on a quiz

which is not recorded. :)

It hurts but true indeed. :|


*Throat clearing* I'm not referring about JoBro's song for this entry's title. :P Well been paranoid here. Had a blast last night too, its a fun night though. Drinking while its raining, Yay!

Anyway I want to share something that makes me ROTFLMAO after I posted some updates into my Facebook page earlier.

That's the first one that I posted. Not expecting that someone gonna make a comment there. Its the only one and yeah way FUNNY. :D

This last update makes me ajkujytghrfdc. I guess this man has some crack on his head. :D

I know he just kidding to the last one that he said but he make me laugh. :D

Call me paranoid (again), lame, crackhead and whatsoever, still Rich is the only guy that comes to my mind everyday. (sigh) I know if he could only read this entry maybe this little line of words will come to his mouth, "Don't bother me Hao." lol. I want to go to Marikina one of this day once I got something to our old clanmate. (hmm maybe next week)

*just read the last post for you to understand what I am talking all about xp*

I need to nap now. That drink last night still flowing to my head and I can't resist it. Darn.

Good times! :)

Different Day.

Last night my older sibling told this morning that I'm walking while in my sleep. I've reacted "Huh? Is that for real?". Additionally she added that I ran too. Haha! I can't imagine that. Really.

Yeah I have nothing to say here lol. Its been 8 months now since I'm not into any relationship. There are times I felt so lonely and blue. I missed those times as being in love. Having my love one text-ed, chatting and meeting up with me. Maybe I'm out of my self that's why I'm thinking like this.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Totally Obsessed to Rich.
I tweet this because #ILoveyou is trending. :))

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not ready also to be loved here; hence I'm always ready to love someone. Is it weird, right? Personally I remind my self that if I am going to be into relationship again after a long time, "Ask your self for the Nth time if you're totally ready now Hao." I'm not dreaming and wanting for a perfect love story, all I can say is I need a man who knows what COMMUNICATION and TRUST is. That's the two major bummers that I've encountered during my past relationships. Now I want something new and lasted one. Aside from that I want both my man and I were going to benefit what we invest in our relationship so all the things gonna flow to its right way. I'm not after looks (How many times that I am going to tell that). Attitude and Loyalty are most important part to me. I don't care if you're rich, having a big and long disco stick, good looks and effing so ever - I'm looking for a guy who's gonna accept the whole me.

Rescue me Rich. I'm so vain. ^^

I'm not in hurry to have one. I believe in fate that guy will appear in front of me one of this day. Not a quickie grabber here. Eew. For now I'm happy for fascinating my 1 year crush "Rich" all the day from Marikina. I always visiting his Friendster and Facebook profiles just to lurk, stalk around and caught his attention that I'm existing. :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He's not 21 already he's only 17. He's Rich (not his real name), a student came from the oldest university here in the Philippines (gets?). Second year college and taking up ComSci.
-- Look like I'm a real stalker now haha. I guess he caught my attention this past few days. He just viewed back my profile. :D

I know what I'm doing: a stalker and totally lame jackass. I know also my limitations so that I don't get any regret and specially to be hurt when the final judgment comes. We became old clanmates before but I don't know if he still remembered that though. He's the only guy in our clan that get my full attention. Sadly he love stuff related to night life which I'm not, I want a simple life - a Country life though. (Curse him Hao! :D) Hoping here that one day we gonna see each other and I can tell what I'm feeling for. I'm not assuming anything nor expecting more once we meet. Telling that I love him was a worth for. I'm still enjoying as being single. I want to ready and focus more to my self before that another love story of mine comes.

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me Rich... :D

Sorry for making this fanboying too long. I love talking about my crush-fascinating-love side. Uh this month I'm turning 9 months old single. Cheers for all the singles there! Kudos everyone!

Good times! :)

Its Official: Lady Gaga fan here starting now; Twitter Stuff. :)

Aside from "Paparazzi" and "Just Dance" which I love from her, she support the Gay Community too. Yay! Personally I'm not a big fan of her nor to like most of her songs before because of its party tune dance.

At first I found her as a weird and "Gaga" type of lady lol but there's a lot of things behind that image. Now I really love her! She's a true-blue performer. She really love God and gays! I like her fashion sense also.

I'm more into Country music, David Archuleta is the only Pop icon that I am rooting for and now I included Lady of all Gaga. :) I think I should prepare my dance moves too when going to groove with her music - Pop Urban type. Like what I've said I'm not a party people but this time I'm looking forward with it. Haha!

<3 Lady Gaga!!!


This is a good Twitter tweet stuff to me for the whole night earlier. Talking a lot of things though.

My Blog.
-- they asked the link so I'd gave it.

Indonesia's Batik Day, Elephants and Philippines.

Hao as Mr. Influential. :D


Take Me To The Philippines (MV) -

Found this on YouTube just now. The music animation is uber cute. I like also how our fellow Filipino describe Philippines in this music video.

Kudos to!

Credits to My Pinoy Humor Blog.

I'm Hao. The only one.

The title said it all about. Lol. Just Kidding. Okay let me introduce my self.
I think my Blogger profile and some of my social sites can't give any good stuff about me. :)

who_is_hao Made with My Cool Signs.Net

Going to start it...

I'm Hao.

A 18 year old teen from the Pilgrimage Capital. (City of Antipolo)

A simple guy who wants to experience all the things here on Earth. (if possible)

I want to work on a farm someday just to drive a ten wheeler truck. (seriously)
-- also I want to explore the whole Philippine Archipelago. (its 7,107 islands)

Admitted as a Geography freak.

Suffered from Middle Child Syndrome way back into my childhood years.

I spent most of my time inside of our home. I don't like to go outside either.
-- but it doesn't mean that I don't have my so called social life. Haha!

Not a party people type. (I went to a bar once but I don't know when the next one will be)

Country music is my first love
. How sad it doesn't popular here in Mega Manila only in Baguio City. :|

FarmVille is my second love. (virtual Country life)

American Idol avid fan. Been watching that show since its first season. Most of my fave artists now came from that phenomenal reality-singing competition namely Kristy Lee Cook, David Archuleta, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

I hate to watch romantic shows but there are times I've watched those stuff specially now that I'm single lol. When I'm watching I feel I'm the one with the main characters. Yay! (lame)

I'm afraid to sing in front of 3 people. Really.
-- how about in a huge crowded place? Yay!

I'm Bi! (bisexual) Go on and spread the word! :))

Once again, Single for now.
-- I'm in no hurry to have one again. I believe in fate that the right person is lurking around there for me. Haha!

I'm not a blogger geek. I want to share some of my personal stuff here.

I preferred Facebook and YouTube more than any site.
-- I love fb apps and tube videos. :))

I love wearing color light brown shirts. Actually light brown is my fave color. XD

My dream job is to be included in a company who's catching and testing malicious files and softwares over the wild. (IDKW)

One of my hobbies is to test any browser out there specially the new releases. Looking where to fit my browsing habit. So far Firefox, Chrome and IE8 are my choices.

Editing photos - Hmm please include it also. :)

Searching here some tweaks and hints for anything if I'm totally lame while in front of my lappy.

Studying HTML by my self. I don't have any knowledge with it. I don't need help from others if I know I can make it, right?

Lastly, I'm a proud Risk taker. I really want to take a risk if things were all complicated. I stuck on my mind I never risk what I am afraid to lose for specially my family but if there's no choice - Okay risk is a risk. Going to take it though no matter what happen.

Learn to take a risk and see where your brave heart can take you. :)

Google Chrome Frame for IE8.

What is Google Chrome Frame?

Google Chrome Frame is an early-stage open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. With Google Chrome Frame, you can:

* Start using open web technologies - like the HTML5 canvas tag - right away, even technologies that aren't yet supported in Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8.
* Take advantage of JavaScript performance improvements to make your apps faster and more responsive.

With the help of GCF, IE8 users will use the world's most popular browser more exciting. Its a great move for Google but big disappointment for Microsoft. :D Looking forward for it. Actually I'm way more excited to see Webkit engine working on IE8 since I'm using it more often though (for Windows Update) but I'd love Firefox more. Haha! Browser War

Typhoon 'Pepeng' gains strength, more rains predicted.

God, another typhoon may hit northern Luzon this coming Friday. Many communities in the Mega Manila area remain underwater, unreached or under-reported. God if you're listening, please guide and save Filipinos this coming days as 'Pepeng' will wrath the archiepelago. :|

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV